Web Applications

Mobile apps, web shops, interactive workflows and visualizations

The web is a great platform: It works on every device, mobile or desktop, with every operating system and without any installations. There is a vast number of features, from intuitive user interfaces to effects, 3D visualizations or real-time communications to camera, microphone and smartphone sensor integration. All that is based on open standards, with an active ecosystem of engaged developers worldwide. Can there be a better place to implement ideas?

While websites usually give information, with web applications the whole business process takes place online. And this "business process" can be anything: From typical eCommerce applications such as web shops or subscription systems, to simplifying and supporting administrative processes to collecting, organizing and visualizing information.

Application you love to use

Even the best technical implementation has missed it's target if no one is using it. Therefore our ultimate objective is an application you  to use. For us, this means:

  • Simple and intuitive user interfaces
  • Custom-made to reach goals & meet requirements
  • Extensible & maintainable code

In order to reach this objective we are not confining ourselves to just writing code. We consult, draft, design, implement and integrate the ideal solution in close collaboration with all involved parties.


The technologies we use are as many and varied as the kinds of web applications we develop: We work a lot with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL and PostgreSQL. We also have experience with AngularJS, Backbone.js, MongoDB, Redis, Apache Solr, Node.js and memcached. For mobile apps we develop both native for Android and Apple iOS as well as in hybrid style.

We are happy to give you hints and recommendations on the implementation of your idea in a first conversation – for free and without any obligation.

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