Do what you always do. Online too.

Impress visitors and attract customers with a professional website.

You want to present your company online in the best possible way? Inform interested parties about your project in a global scale? Open up new channels for communication with your clients and partners? We support you at it!

You provide the content, we do the rest

You know best what your site should be about. Therefore we provide you with all the tools necessary to create and publish contents such as texts, images & co. on your own.

Based on a Content Management System, without any indirections.

Look fit on Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones

There have never been more possible ways to browse websites than today. A variety of devices such as desktop PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets with various screen sizes and resolutions put even established websites to the proof.
Make your website look well on any device - with a responsive design.

Be found on Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not voodoo magic. The best ranks on Google & Co. go to anyone who lays the technical foundations and succeeds in coordinating content and marketing. We do the technical part – and help you to implement the other parts accordingly.

Every website has two target audiences

This is you, and your visitors. And because every project has unique requirements, we can support our clients with our experience in the following fields:

  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter & Co.)
  • Accessibility according to WCAG Guidelines
  • Multi Language Sites and Internationalization
  • Tracking of visitors counts and usage patterns (Analytics)
  • Load Time and Performance Optimization
  • Security Audits and Code Reviews

Depending on the concept and target audiences we choose the right mix for your project.

Websites are usually focussed on information.

If your project is focussed on interaction instead, also have a look at web applications! We develop apps, web shops and custom web applications for your individual use case.

More on Web Applications »


We use various technologies – some of them are: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Craft, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Solr, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Node.js, Redis and memcached.

We are happy to give you hints and recommendations on the implementation of your idea in a first conversation – for free and without any obligation.

See for yourself!